Bond Brothers Opening Second Taproom Later This Year

Cary, NC – Within a few years of opening, Bond Brothers Beer Company’s taproom became one of Cary’s most popular destinations. Now, work is underway to open a second location, with more storage and new kinds of beers.


Bond Brothers Beer Company is opening this second location on E Chatham St., dubbed “Eastside” to contrast with the original location on Cedar Street, or “Westside.”

While the plan is to eventually open a taproom at Eastside, the main goal, according to owners Jay and Jeremy Bond, is to increase production by building a new cold storage facility.

“We’re at a pinch point at our current location,” Jeremy Bond said. “This will allow us to double production.”

West Side will also give Bond Brothers Beer Company more office space and will have room for a clean barrel program to finish new beers.

“What we do currently is all sour-based beers in barrels, using wild yeast and bacteria. These will be clean barrels, without any of that yeast and bacteria,” Jay Bond said. “We’ll be able to make barrel-aged stouts, things of that nature.”

One example of these new beers is the “Willet Be Ready?” imperial stout, currently released by Bond Brothers.

New Taproom with New Beers

Once the cold storage and clean barrel program are completed, the taproom will be open, with a current goal of this Autumn, serving those new beers finished at Eastside.

“It will have beers you can’t get at our original location,” Jay Bond said. “With some Bond Brothers staples also.”

Eastside will have other new ways for customers to get beers, including glass bottling.

“We will have guest taps, which we don’t have at our current location,” Jeremy Bond said. “We’ll be serving hard-to-find beers.”

Both Jay and Jeremy said they also want Eastside to have its own distinct energy compared to the original or “West Side” location.

“People don’t want to go to the same place,” Jay Bond said. “They will have their own identities.”

Eastside will be open at 602 E Chatham St., with plans for a grand opening celebration at that time.

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Bond Brothers Beer Company.

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  1. Maria
    Maria says:

    Well let’s just pray that the new taproom won’t be the circus that has become Bond Brother’s on the weekend…prayers for a child free zone!

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