Downtown Dining Google Map

Cary, NC – We’ve just updated our Downtown Dining Google Map and have included some new features including a Parking layer.

New Places to Eat & Drink Downtown

When we started our Downtown Dining Google Map about five years ago, there were 16 places to eat (or drink) in Downtown Cary. Today, that number stands at 29.

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Recent additions to the Dining map include Bottle Dog Brews and Bites (Chapel Hill Road), Annelore’s German Bakery (West Chatham Street) and Jordan Lake Brewery (East Durham Street).

There is a cluster of new food and drink place at the new/renovated Midtown Plaza (East Chatham Street) including Pro’s Epicurean, SideBar and Pizzeria Faulisi. Around the corner on East Cedar Street you’ll find Postmaster.

Sandwich at Pro’s Epicurean

Two Places Close

Only two places have closed since we last updated our map – Train Station Pub (been closed for a while) and Little Caesar’s on East Chatham Street.

Parking Layer

Due to popular demand, we’ve added a Parking layer to the map with nine legit public lots.

The municipal deck behind Town Hall is the biggest parking facility downtown. There is also extensive surface parking around the Town Hall Campus.

Town of Cary has recently opened two new small surface lots, one on East Cedar Street and another on Walker Street near Walnut.

Cary Arts Center has a large surface lot. You can also park next door at Cary Elementary after 4 PM on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday.

In addition to the lots we’ve identified, there’s a fair amount of street parking available, but it fills up fast. Many businesses have private parking. Don’t park there unless you are doing business or you may get booted.

Landmarks Layer

We’ve also added a few landmarks to the map to help you get oriented. Like the other layers (restaurants and parking), you can turn Landmarks on or off as you fancy.

Check out the New Map

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Story, photos and Google Map by Hal Goodtree.