Gloria Jean's Coffee

Gloria Jean’s Coffees Returns to Morrisville, Triangle

Cary, NC – With a focus on the flavored coffees that made it famous, Gloria Jean’s Coffees is expanding its stores in the Triangle, including Cary-Morrisville area, while reaching customers who recognize their name.

Gloria Jean's Coffee

Adding Flavor to the Region

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is opening in Morrisville on RDU Center Drive, with the whole Triangle as a target market, according to Laina Sullivan, director of franchise development.

“The income levels here are very desirable and it’s got a growing population,” Sullivan said. “There are many new retail spaces opening and it’s somewhere we want to be.”

Gloria Jean’s was one of the first coffee companies to create quality flavored coffees, Sullivan said, and are planning on bringing those flavors to the Triangle stores, with both classic originals such as vanilla and hazelnut as well as many new creations.

“Our coffee is superior to everyone else,” Sullivan said.

Name Recognition

With five Gloria Jean’s planning to open in the Triangle, Sullivan said this represents a new push by the coffee store into the South. There are fewer Gloria Jean’s in North Carolina and the South than in other parts of the country but with the prevalence of Gloria Jean’s coffees sold online and former stores open in the area, Sullivan said the brand is well-known here.

“It has historic significance in the South,” Sullivan said.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is opening at 1111 RDU Center Dr.

Gloria Jean's Coffee

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Gloria Jean’s Coffees.