Recipe: Grilled Pork Tenderloin, Southern Style

grilled-pork-tenderloinCary, NC — There’s something particularly Southern about pork tenderloin. Here’s a recipe for grilled pork tenderloin with a bit of a Southern twist. Read more

Recipe: Lamb Chops on the Grill for Mother’s Day


Story by Hal Goodtree. Photo by Alexandra Moss.

Cary, NC – Here’s an easy recipe for lamb chops on the grill that will make Mom (or the mother of your children) say “he’s thinking outside the box.” Read more

Recipe: Potato Salad for Parties

Recipe by Lindsey Chester. Photo by Marissa Garza.

Cary,NC- It’s potato season in Cary and across the Piedmont of North Carolina. Tasty, fresh and exotics spuds can be found right now at the town’s farm markets and supermarkets. I’ve got an easy recipe for Potato Salad that will use several pounds of those tasty ‘tators when you get home. Read more

Recipe: Roasting Corn on the Grill

Recipe by Hal Goodtree. Photo by Rose Tulips.

Cary, NC – The corn is looking good this year in North Carolina. Just in time for the Fourth of July, here’s a sure-fire way to roast up some perfect ears on the grill. Read more

Beer and Wine: Summertime and the Pairings are Easy

Story by Matt Young. Photo above by Jennifer YinRead more in our Wine & Beer Series.

Cary, NC – With Memorial Day behind us and the long summer stretching ahead, it’s time to talk about some 2012 Summertime Wine and Beer PairingsRead more

Memorial Day Recipe: Homemade Guacamole

Recipe by Lindsey Chester. Photo by Tina.

Cary, NC – Word is that salsa has overtaken catsup as the most-consumed condiment. After a party I attended last weekend, I’d say guacamole is close behind! Read more

Recipe: Apple Wood Smoked Chicken on the Grill

Story by Jim McGrody, photo by Sharyn Morrow.

Cary, NC – To all you backyard chefs out there – summer is closing in on us and your grill is calling your name. Read more