Classic Recipes and Traditions of Hanukkah

Cary, NC — For years, At-Large Town Council Member Lori Bush has been a champion for the representation and celebration of the Jewish community in Cary.

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Tried & True: Corn on the Grill

Cary, NC — With daily video calls as the new norm, the publisher of Food Cary and I have gotten into a habit of ending our meetings with the same question — what’s for dinner?

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Recipe: Sweet & Tangy Quinoa Salad


Cary, NC — In the summertime, I’m always looking for chilled, light lunches. This quinoa salad makes for a sweet, tangy summer lunch that is also packed with protein. Read more

2 Thanksgiving Side Dishes Recipes

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Cary, NC — With Thanksgiving just around the corner (next week!), we’ll be publishing three days of Thanksgiving recipes, courtesy of The Matthews House in Cary, that are twists on tradition. Today, we cover two recipes for side dishes – Harvest Butternut Squash Soup and Pomegranate Apple Kale Salad. Read more

Cranberry Sauce Chutney


Cary, NC — Who likes that stuff that comes out of a can and calls itself cranberry sauce? Not me, I like a berry-rich, thick sauce that is not a jelly, yet doesn’t run all over the plate. Read more

Thanksgiving Side Dishes with a Twist


Recipes by Preeti Waas, of the Matthews House in Downtown Cary. This is the  first in a series of Thanksgiving menu ideas.

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Recipe: Top 3 Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Recipe by Chef Randy Goldberg of the Matthews House in Cary. Part 2 in our Thanksgiving Recipe Series. Photo by Jacqueline.

Cary, NC – Are you tried of green bean casserole that came right out of a can? Bored with instant mashed potatoes as a side dish for your beautiful turkey? These 3 side dishes will please the vegan college kid and the football fan alike. Read on… Read more

Thanksgiving: Top 2 Stuffing Recipes

Recipe by Chef Randy Goldberg of the Matthews House in Cary. “Stuffin’ Muffins” photo by RoadSidePictures.

Cary, NC – This Thanksgiving, how about some Apple Pecan Cornbread Stuffing? Or Sausage Pear Cranberry stuffing? We’ve got your recipes right here.

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Recipe: Potato Salad for Parties

Recipe by Lindsey Chester. Photo by Marissa Garza.

Cary,NC- It’s potato season in Cary and across the Piedmont of North Carolina. Tasty, fresh and exotics spuds can be found right now at the town’s farm markets and supermarkets. I’ve got an easy recipe for Potato Salad that will use several pounds of those tasty ‘tators when you get home. Read more

Recipe: Roasting Corn on the Grill

Recipe by Hal Goodtree. Photo by Rose Tulips.

Cary, NC – The corn is looking good this year in North Carolina. Just in time for the Fourth of July, here’s a sure-fire way to roast up some perfect ears on the grill. Read more