Specialty Stores: Golden Hex European Groceries & Deli

Cary, NC – There are a variety of flavors and foods in Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean but they cannot always be found at the grocery store. But a new market opening on Maynard Road will let shoppers try these European foods. Read more

Triangle’s Only Egyptian Café Now Open In Cary

Cary, NC – Across Cary and the Research Triangle, there are many different Mediterranean restaurants reflecting a variety of countries and cultures. So to stand out, Cary’s new Nile Café and Bakery is working to be different and offer Egyptian food customers cannot find around town. Read more

Specialty Stores: Al-Kareem Grocery

Morrisville, NC – For shoppers in the Morrisville area who are looking for food from Southeast Asia, a good place to stop by for a great selection and even better customer service is Al-Kareem Grocery on Chapel Hill Road.

Read more

Specialty Stores: Olive Tree Market

Cary, NC – Cary has all sorts of stores and shops for a variety of tastes and needs and at the Olive Tree Market, customers can not only get custom cuts of fresh meat from the butcher shop but also buy from a wide selection of Mediterranean foods. Read more

French Bakery Opens in Cary

Cary, NC – For years, the only French bakery in town was La Farm. Now, a new bakery with more than 10 years of history in the Triangle has relocated to Cary. Read more

Specialty Stores: A&S Harmony International Market

Cary, NC – While the accessibility of the Internet and social media has led to an increased focus on “eating local,” it has also allowed many to see what kinds of foods and flavors exist globally. And for anyone curious to try out foods they have only heard of, the A&S Harmony International Market is here to help. Read more

Maximillian’s Under New Ownership

Cary, NC – Maximillian’s has been a staple of the Cary Food Scene for over twenty years, and when they recently closed for renovations many Cary residents were worried what would happen to their favorite restaurant. Read more