Food: Easter & Passover Recipes

Easter Passover

Cary, NC — Passover begins tomorrow evening (Friday, April 3, 2015), while Easter falls on this Sunday (April 5, 2015). Whether you celebrate with Matzoh Ball Soup or an Easter Ham, four CaryCitizen recipes can “serve” as great entrees, sides, or desserts for this weekend’s holidays. Read more

Easter Recipe: Glazed Ham and Potato Salad


Cary, NC- At Easter, there are certain dishes that a family expects to see as they gather around the table, dishes that are steeped in tradition like ham or lamb which would have been eaten as the winter season gave way to the promise of spring. Read more

Easter Recipe: Roasted Leg of Lamb

Story by Leslie Huffman, first published on 4/19/2011. Photo by Alicia, the Kitchen Wench.

Cary, NC – Lamb is a classic entree for the Easter table. The custom of eating lamb at important religious feasts goes back thousands of years, spanning many cultures and religions. Here is an easy and delicious way to serve lamb for your Easter table. Read more