Report from the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival

Story by Matt Young. Pictures by Matt Young (or random strangers).

Cary, NC – The self-proclaimed greatest beer sippin’, bourbon tastin’, music listenin’, cigar smokin’, and barbeque eatin’ festival in the USA hit Cary this weekend. I’d proclaim it pretty darn good myself. Read more

July 4: A Beer Drinker’s Guide to Hops

Story by Matt Young. Photo by CharlieRead more in our Wine & Beer Series.

Cary, NC – Beer might just be the great Fourth of July beverage. Millions and millions of cans, bottles, glasses and cups will be consumed next Wednesday. But how to explain the difference in taste between a Budweiser and a Duvel Special Edition Triple? Just in time for Independence Day, here’s A Beer Drinker’s Guide to Hops. Read more

Beer and Wine: Summertime and the Pairings are Easy

Story by Matt Young. Photo above by Jennifer YinRead more in our Wine & Beer Series.

Cary, NC – With Memorial Day behind us and the long summer stretching ahead, it’s time to talk about some 2012 Summertime Wine and Beer PairingsRead more

Beers of Mexico for Cinco de Mayo

Story by Matt Young. Photo by Kim F.

Cary, NC – With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner (Saturday, May 5), one’s thoughts turn to the beers of Mexico. But let me start with a confession: I love Corona. Read more

A Guide to Wheat Beers

Story by Matt Young. Photo by Kim Cofino.

Cary, NC – Wheat beers are seen everywhere these days. They are low hopped (as in “not bitter”), tasty – often banana-y, straw-colored and generally hazy gold in color. Herewith, just in time for Spring, is my guide to enjoying the pleasures of wheat beers. Read more

Book Review: North Carolina Craft Beer and Breweries

Story by Matt Young. Photo by Jessica B.

Cary-lina, NC – Just 6 years ago, North Carolina wasn’t even on the map when one talked about southern states with a “beer culture”. Now we are the southern state with the most breweries. A new book documents all the craft beer and breweries in North Carolina. Read more

Beer for Super Bowl Sunday

Story by Matt Young. Photo by Felix.

Cary, NC – To those of you who followed the Panthers Beat this year, thanks.  They had a heck of a year.

If you are a football fan, you know that last week was one of the best weekends for NFL football all year – the NFC and AFC Championships.

I can’t think of many things better than being parked on my couch on Sundays in the fall. Unless it’s with a good beer.

So I got to thinking. There are four pretty darn good breweries in those towns. Baltimore, San Francisco, New York, and Boston.

Why not write about those great cities’ great beers? Read more

My Kinda Tasty

Hundreds of Craft Brews

Story by Matt Young.

Cary, NC – Sean Pratt of Cary, graduated from Cary High School in 2002 and then went to NCSU, graduating in 2007. While studying in Sweden he fell in love with craft and specialty beers.  He partnered up with  Johnny Belflower (Rocky Mount Senior High School and Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida).  Read more