Gourd Art: Why It’s A Thing in Cary

Gourd Art

Cary, NC — Cary was once known as “The Gourd Capital of the World.” While that reputation hasn’t lived on, it turns out that gourds – and gourd art – have. Read more

Plants, Art & Butterflies: Photos from Herbfest

farmer with herbs

Cary, NC — We were certainly due for some beautiful weather after all the rain this past week, and Saturday, May 2, 2015 was the perfect day for Herbfest at the Page-Walker. Read more

C3 Food Truck Rodeo this Saturday


Dawn LaRue, Betsy Dassau and Leslie Lockhart, the people behind Cary Creative Center.

Cary, NC- This Saturday, the Cary Creative Center (C3) will host a Food Truck Rodeo in Downtown Cary. Some of Cary’s finest names in mobile cuisine will be there along with a chance to learn about creative reuse, up-cycling and a whole new way to look at arts & crafts. Read more

Book Review: North Carolina Craft Beer and Breweries

Story by Matt Young. Photo by Jessica B.

Cary-lina, NC – Just 6 years ago, North Carolina wasn’t even on the map when one talked about southern states with a “beer culture”. Now we are the southern state with the most breweries. A new book documents all the craft beer and breweries in North Carolina. Read more