Honeysuckle Gelato Set to Open in Fenton Development

Cary, NC – Honeysuckle Gelato is a growing brand and dessert across the Southeast and now Cary will get to interact with Honeysuckle directly as they open a store at the Fenton development with plans for small batch gelato and rotating, seasonal flavors.

Honeysuckle Gelato

Honeysuckle Gelato CEO Wes Jones

Bringing Gelato to Cary

Honeysuckle Gelato, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is currently only available to Cary shoppers at select grocery stores or online but they will have a physical store in the Fenton mixed-use development, coming in 2020 in the Eastern Gateway.

Wes Jones, CEO of Honeysuckle Gelato, said just about everyone in the South likes ice cream but much fewer are exposed to gelato, an Italian style of ice cream that has less air and more flavorings put in.

“No one in the Southeast is focused on gelato, which is the purest and best form of ice cream you can get,” Jones said. “We got into gelato because it’s fun and unique, and when people taste our product, they will see how we make our product and flavor different.”

Because gelato is new to many customers in the Southeast, Jones said they have familiar flavors such as chocolate and mint but as people become more acquainted with them, they will hopefully taste the full range of flavors Honeysuckle is able to create. And with the Fenton store, Jones said they will be changing flavors around to give customers a variety and will even put out seasonal flavors.

“We originally started as a food truck so this is bringing us back to our roots. We can be playful and experiment with new flavors we wouldn’t have thought to do before because we weren’t releasing them to stores,” Jones said. “It’s an opportunity that allows us to directly interact with customers.”

Honeysuckle Gelato

New Store in a New Development

Cary and the Triangle in general had been a goal location for Honeysuckle for several years now. Jones said he has family and friends in Durham or who attended UNC-Chapel Hill and has visited the area many times.

“With a product that needs to be kept frozen and the distance from Atlanta, we thought it would be difficult. But with Fenton, we now have that opportunity,” he said. “They want to have the best chefs and the best products.”

Fenton will be not just retail but also office and residential space and Jones said he thinks that mix of uses plus the sheer volume of people in the 2.5 million square feet of developed space will be a benefit for the store.

“The number of people and the different types of people there will benefit us,” he said. “Gelato is something all people enjoy or should enjoy and it brings lots of people together.”

Fenton is set to open in 2020.


Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Honeysuckle Gelato.