Cary Beer

Craft Beer Cellar Brings Experience, Quality and Beer Education

Cary, NC – Opening on the corner of Old Apex Road and W Chatham Street, the Triangle’s first Craft Beer Cellar is opening in Cary with a wide selection of craft beers, presented with education and hospitality.

Cultivated Selection

Craft Beer Cellar, opening in Town Station on Ballena Circle, has locations around the country as well as one North Carolina location in Hickory. The Cary store’s owner, Andrea Cross-Dial, said she’s stocking local beers from her expertise and experience.

“I’m using the experience I have visiting local breweries and tap rooms and I’m hoping to have a good selection,” Cross-Dial said. “I’ve been a beer fan for a long time, since the 1980s before the craft brewing explosion in this country.”

Cross-Dial said since tasting and enjoying craft beers from Europe, she’s been interested in different kinds of beers and has been tasting and trying them wherever she goes now, which helps build up her palate and expertise.

For non-local beers, Cross-Dial said Craft Beer Cellar has formed relationships with various breweries and beer experts.

“Craft Beer Cellar has a lot of people to test and taste and over the years, they have a list of breweries where they’re confident in consistent quality,” Cross-Dial said.

In addition to a wide beer selection, Craft Beer Cellar also carries ciders and wine.

Cary Beer

Expanding Your Beer Palate

In addition to Cicerone Program training, Craft Beer Cellar has its own Beercierge program with a focus not just on the technical aspects of beer but also history and hospitality to help customers find what they are looking for.

Similarly, at the Cary store, Cross-Dial said she wants to include beer education for customers.

“I plan on having regular tastings with breweries and beer providers so people can come in and try,” she said. “We’ll also have beer classes to start introducing people to new styles of beer and a Beer 101 so people can get their feet wet.”

Craft Beer Cellar in Cary is opening in late September to early October in the bottom of the Town Station apartment building on 1103 Ballena Circle.

“People in that part of town will have a good location and a good selection of beer close by,” she said.

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Craft Beer Cellar.