Updated: Supermarkets Map

Cary, NC — We’ve updated the Supermarkets Map.

Last year, we had an astonishing 39 supermarkets in and around Cary. But you will be shocked at how much that number has grown in just eight months.

Cary Supermarkets Map Gets an Update

The Supermarkets Map was first published in May of 2015. It’s part of our long-running series on the Supermarket Wars in Cary.

Back in May 2015 – just eight months ago – we had 39 supermarkets on the map.

Today, we have 57 supermarkets.

That’s 11 new supermarkets – a 28% rise in eight months.

There’s also a new layer to the updated map showing Proposed markets. Some have developments in the pipeline; others are just talking about it at this point.

Map Geek

I’m a map geek. I’ve always loved geography.

I know, “what a prize,” you’re saying to yourself.

But you can learn interesting things from maps. In Cary, our supermarkets assort like this:

  • 20 Harris Teeter
  • 13 Food Lion
  • 5 Kroger
  • 3 Lowes
  • 3 Walmart Neighborhood Markets
  • 13 Singles (one location only)

57 total supermarkets

Map Facts

Other Supermarkets Map Facts:

  • 7 of the supermarkets on the map are in Morrisville. Four are in Apex. All are included because they are in close proximity to Cary shoppers.
  • The farthest distance one has to travel to a supermarket in Cary is 1.62 miles.
  • 6 new supermarkets are proposed. You can turn the Proposed layer on and off on the map.


This version of the map includes a slide-out legend and downloadable KML data.

Visit the updated Supermarkets Map.

Story and map by Hal Goodtree.

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  1. Michael S.
    Michael S. says:

    I wonder why you don’t include any ‘supercenter’ stores with substantial grocery departments, such as Target at Crossroads & Park West Village, or Walmart on Kildaire Farm Rd. Also, the Dollar General on E Chatham has refrigerator and freezer cases, as well as a large dry-goods section.

    Also, if you wanted to, you could reasonably expand the Supermarket Map’s eastern boundary to Jones Franklin Rd in west Raleigh. That would bring in the H-T at Plaza West as well as Around The World Market on Hillsborough St.

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