Belle Restaurant Closes Downtown

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Cary, NC — The news began popping up on social media around lunchtime. Belle Restaurant on Academy Street in downtown Cary had closed. A yellow legal notice was taped to the window near the front door.

Farewell, Belle

Belle Restaurant was a charming eatery, with an emphasis on original, fine cuisine with a quaint atmosphere in the renovated Jones House. It opened about a year and a half ago, as we reported in July 2014.

The restaurant was located at the corner of Academy Street and Dry Avenue, across from Cary Arts Center, potentially a great location.

Potentially a Great Location

It will be great when it’s done, but the renovation of Academy Street is taking a toll on local businesses.


Our reporter (me), had a tortuous task to get to the restaurant. It’s not just Academy Street – construction, lane blockages and closed roads are evident on many streets to the West of Harrison Ave, including Willow, Ridgecrest, South Dixon and West Park.

I crash landed the Fit behind the Cary Arts Center and hiked across the construction debris to the restaurant. Two trucks were loading out back.


Out front, the property was littered with, and surrounded by, construction material and debris.


Anyway, one day soon it will be great. But, today, a bright light has gone out downtown.

Story and photos by Hal Goodtree.