Opening Soon: Las Enchiladas on West Chatham

Story and lead photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – In the space on West Chatham formerly occupied by Hieronymous Seafood, a new restaurant is getting set to open. It’s La Casa de las Enchiladas, bringing the true cuisine of Mexico to downtown Cary.

Las Enchiladas

For a couple of weeks, I’d noticed activity around the shuttered restaurant. Last Wednesday, a sign had gone up: La Casa de las Enchiladas.

As I was taking a picture with my cell phone, a man pulled up. It was Manuel, the new owner. He was only too happy to tell about the new restaurant.

“This is the real cuisine of Mexico,” Manuel told me, “not that sweet stuff they serve at chain restaurants.” He went on to explain the six different types of enchiladas he has on the menu, spanning the north-to-south range of Mexican cooking.

Opening This Week?

Manuel told me he’s waiting to get all the necessary permits, but hopes to open this week.

In addition to cuisine tipicos Mexicanos, the restaurant plans to serve wine, beer and mixed drinks. Manuel also mentioned a special family night every week.

Restaurant Details

La Casa de las Enchiladas
815 West Chatham Street.
Cary, NC 27511
Opening soon

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  1. Marisol M.
    Marisol M. says:

    Fresh handmade tortillas, authentic Mexican flavor, great service, and a Salsas and toppings bar.

    What a nice surprise. To be honest I don’t like Tres Magueyes, Toreros nor La Cocina they just throw cheese and sour cream over everything and the quality is just not good.

    La Casa de las Enchiladas has a nice variety of dishes from different regions of Mexico. The tortas (grill sandwich/ paninis) are enough for 2 not-too-hungry people but really tasty. If you go for the enchiladas you’ll find many different ones and you can ask for a “sample of the salsa” before you order them.

    I guess that the best part is that their food is not greasy at all. Their quesadillas are not deep fried but hand-made on the griddle instead. I had a fresh huitlacoche quesadilla (Mexican corn truffle) and it was delicious. This one is a delicacy even in Mexico.

    If you’ve been to Mexico you’ll find this place very attractive. If you’ve ever wonder why Mexican food is so important in the culinary world this is a nice place to start your food adventure.

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