Pictures: Tomato Day at the Farmers Market

Photos by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – It was Tomato Day at the Western Wake Farmers Market on Saturday. As a guy who’s never met a tomato he didn’t love, I had to swing by and take a few pictures.

Pictures: Tomato Day at WWFM

More Than Just Tomatoes

Of course, the market had more than just tomatoes. Celtic musician James Olin Oden was wowing the crowd with his passionate voice and amazing fingerpicking.

Peppers are in season. And the zinnias were a $1 a bunch.

Our friend Martin Sreshta was was doing a brisk business at the market, selling samosa, mango lassi and some incredibly delicious marinated vegetables.

It’s high season for watermelons and cantaloupes in North Carolina. Grab one. Or two.

And let’s not forget peaches.


Like my pictures? Contact me about private lessons or portraits. To put it all in perspective, I took these shots with my iPhone.