Food: BurgerFi Coming to Cary

Cary, NC – Here are two words you don’t hear together very much: “eco-friendly” and “hamburgers.” BurgerFi, a new restaurant concept, aims to change that perception when they open their doors in Cary during the Spring of 2012.

Natural, Local, Recycled

BurgerFi uses all natural Angus beef – naturally grown, humane certified, vegetarian fed, no antibiotics or hormones. Frozen custard is made fresh every two hours. There are craft beers, sundaes, shakes, wine by glass, fresh cut Idaho fires and onion rings.

Sound like the malt shop of your youth? That’s their aim.

But BurgerFi is an update of the burger concept. In addition to the sustainably-sourced food, there’s recycled metal chairs, plug-in parking spaces for electric cars and a special emphasis on local products.

Why BurgerFi

BurgerFi seems to be an shortening of burgerfication, as in “the burgerfication of America.”

The BurgerFi universe currently consists of three restaurants in Florida. It is the brainchild of well-known restaurateur David Manero.

Henry Harris and Burley Moss, experienced restaurant franchisees in the Carolinas, acquired the BurgerFi rights to this market. Future restaurants in Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Columbia, SC are planned. Each BurgerFi location is projected to employ about 50 people.

Where & When

No word on where in Cary BurgerFi will open, or exactly when. Sometime this spring.

But the hip, eco-friendly, easy and affordable concept is likely to prove popular in Cary.

One day, BurgerFi may have hundreds of locations across the nation. In Cary, we won’t have to wait that long to find out what the future of burgers tastes like.

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  1. Craig
    Craig says:

    I recently discovered the Delray Beach, FL location & I have since been back a few times. Great burgers & their onion rings are huge! Sure it will be a hit in Cary!

  2. mike
    mike says:

    I was in BurgerFi in Delray Beach, Florida and saw Cary as a new location, I jumped out of my seat. I’m moving back to Cary this summer and cannot wait to show all my friends the best burgers ever!

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