Go Local: Circus Family Restaurant


Cary, NC – Readers of Go Local have asked us to mention Circus and now is as good a time as any. Circus has an old time, down-home charm you just won’t find in out-parcel chain restaurants.

The Food

Cheap eats, local style. Real chopped onions on the burgers, foot long red hot dogs and highly respectable onion rings. You get the idea.

The Desserts

Here’s where Circus really shines. We’re talking hand-dipped cones in chocolate, cherry or butterscotch. Milk shakes and malteds – yes, malteds – it’s like waking up in 1962. Fabulous flavors, fresh ingredients and seasonal items including a pumpkin milkshake in the autumn.

Vintage treats like cotton candy for kids who don’t eat ice cream.

Locals Love It

Here are a couple of comments from a local review site:

This place has the best deserts. Milkshakes with fresh peaches? that seems criminal and Southern. Worth a trip, especially if you live in the area. Just a short walk with your dog and you’re both fat and happy at the other end of your walk! Small hole in the wall places should get more attention. – Elizabeth P.

The Circus Family Restaurant takes you back in time to a different era. Although the prices reflect today’s the ecomony – the food, deco and service remind you of years gone by. The burgers are thick and are served with REAL chopped onions – not freeze fried ones. The place has dipped cones available in chocolate, chjerry and butterscotch and are to dies for – especially the butterscotch! I also recommend the banana splits there served with REAL: whipped cream and Fresh pineapple. In case you have a hankering for cotton candy, candy apples or popcorn – you can surely find it here as well. Be sure to get PLENTY of napkins as you will need them! – Nicholas B.


Same price as fast-food fare elsewhere.


Friendly, fast, personal. It’s refreshing to talk to someone at a drive-up window who isn’t wearing a wireless headset.


Everyday has a bargain lunch. Today (Monday) it was the BLT.

The ice cream shake special was “Orange Creamcicle.” Yum.



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  1. RedDotInjun
    RedDotInjun says:

    I used to love going to the Circus by Emma Conn Elementary in Raleigh, while in high school @ Enloe High School. I’ll have to try this one out as well!

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