Eighty8 Brings Fusion Dining to Cary

In America, and particularly the Triangle, many different cultures and cuisines are mixed together. And at Eighty8 Asian Bistro in Cary, they are hoping to use this mix of cultures and their restaurant experience to bring new dishes to customers.

Cary McDonald’s Partnering with High School Environmental Efforts

We sort our recycling every week but do you think about recycling your coffee grounds? Cary High School is starting a program to reuse coffee grounds to help grow plants and they are getting help from a store that makes a lot of coffee each morning.

Southern Women’s Show Encourages Local Eating

North Carolina is known as an agricultural state but how many of us eat food grown locally around us? At the upcoming Southern Women’s Show, visitors can learn about all the ways to eat local and even try food from vendors in the Triangle.

New Pizza Restaurant Lets You Build Your Own Pie

Pizza has become as common an American meal as burgers but often customers do not get to pick all the components of their dish. But with Your Pie opening its first location in Cary, diners can get a customizable experience.

G.58 Gourmet Chinese Restaurant Set to Open in Morrisville

Tuesday night, March 7, CaryCitizen was invited for a sneak preview of G.58, a gourmet Chinese restaurant featuring authentic dishes not seen here in the Triangle. The restaurant, located at 10958 Chapel Hill Road in Morrisville, will be opening to the public later this month.

Great Harvest Bread Expanding With New Café

Great Harvest Bread Co. is well known to Caryites for their bread made from scratch with milled grain. Now, Great Harvest Bread has expanding their store with a new café to sell sandwiches, salads and more.

Giardino Asks Cary to Rethink Salads

While it has only been open a few months, Giardino Gourmet Salads is already making an impact in Cary, both with new dining options and with donations to the community.

Famous Toastery Expanding Across Wake County

Residents in Cary have known about Famous Toastery for years through its location in Waverly Place. Now, the breakfast restaurant is embarking on a major expansion, with nine new locations across North Carolina and the Triangle.

A Guide to HMart’s Restaurants

Since opening, or even before it opened, HMart has attracted a lot of attention in Cary and in the Triangle. One of HMart’s unique features for a grocery store is its many places to eat and here is a handy guide to these restaurants.

Cary Chef in Fundraising Tournament for Lucy Daniels Center

The Lucy Daniels Center provides important services for Cary and the Triangle area and now, one Cary chef is competing in their first ever tournament to help promote the cause.

North Carolina Chain Opening Cary Location

While restaurant chain Charlie Grainger’s started in North Carolina, the Triangle has not had a chance to eat at one of the stores locally. That changes in a few weeks as Charlie Grainger’s is opening in town.

BottleDog Mixes Craft Beer, Food and Dog-Friendly Venue

Lots of people like unique craft beer, lots of people like hearty, flavorful food and lots of people like their dog. And at Cary’s BottleDog Bites & Brews, the owners have combined those three groups into one robust customer base.