Cary McDonald’s Partnering with High School Environmental Efforts

We sort our recycling every week but do you think about recycling your coffee grounds? Cary High School is starting a program to reuse coffee grounds to help grow plants and they are getting help from a store that makes a lot of coffee each morning.

Cary McDonald’s Partnering with High School Environmental Efforts

We sort our recycling every week but do you think about recycling your coffee grounds? Cary High School is starting a program to reuse coffee grounds to help grow plants and they are getting help from a store that makes a lot of coffee each morning.

Southern Women’s Show Encourages Local Eating

North Carolina is known as an agricultural state but how many of us eat food grown locally around us? At the upcoming Southern Women’s Show, visitors can learn about all the ways to eat local and even try food from vendors in the Triangle.

New Pizza Restaurant Lets You Build Your Own Pie

Pizza has become as common an American meal as burgers but often customers do not get to pick all the components of their dish. But with Your Pie opening its first location in Cary, diners can get a customizable experience.

G.58 Gourmet Chinese Restaurant Set to Open in Morrisville

Tuesday night, March 7, CaryCitizen was invited for a sneak preview of G.58, a gourmet Chinese restaurant featuring authentic dishes not seen here in the Triangle. The restaurant, located at 10958 Chapel Hill Road in Morrisville, will be opening to the public later this month.

Great Harvest Bread Expanding With New Café

Great Harvest Bread Co. is well known to Caryites for their bread made from scratch with milled grain. Now, Great Harvest Bread has expanding their store with a new café to sell sandwiches, salads and more.

Giardino Asks Cary to Rethink Salads

While it has only been open a few months, Giardino Gourmet Salads is already making an impact in Cary, both with new dining options and with donations to the community.

Famous Toastery Expanding Across Wake County

Residents in Cary have known about Famous Toastery for years through its location in Waverly Place. Now, the breakfast restaurant is embarking on a major expansion, with nine new locations across North Carolina and the Triangle.

A Guide to HMart’s Restaurants

Since opening, or even before it opened, HMart has attracted a lot of attention in Cary and in the Triangle. One of HMart’s unique features for a grocery store is its many places to eat and here is a handy guide to these restaurants.

Cary Chef in Fundraising Tournament for Lucy Daniels Center

The Lucy Daniels Center provides important services for Cary and the Triangle area and now, one Cary chef is competing in their first ever tournament to help promote the cause.

North Carolina Chain Opening Cary Location

While restaurant chain Charlie Grainger’s started in North Carolina, the Triangle has not had a chance to eat at one of the stores locally. That changes in a few weeks as Charlie Grainger’s is opening in town.

BottleDog Mixes Craft Beer, Food and Dog-Friendly Venue

Lots of people like unique craft beer, lots of people like hearty, flavorful food and lots of people like their dog. And at Cary’s BottleDog Bites & Brews, the owners have combined those three groups into one robust customer base.

Pizzeria Faulisi Coming to Downtown Cary

With Academy Street renovated and open, residents are getting to see what the new Downtown Cary will look like. And as a part of the new downtown, visitors will be able to eat authentic wood-oven pizza at Pizzeria Faulisi.

Cary Chef’s Team Wins Statewide Tournament

Since the Summer, Cary chef Ryan Summers has been cutting his way through North Carolina’s Competition Dining Series and came out on top as the winner of the Battle of Champions. Even more impressive, this is Summers’ first year competing.

Academy Street Bistro Open Under New Owner

As construction along Academy Street has all but ended, Academy Street Bistro has also opened up after little more than a week. And now, it’s with a new owner, a new menu and new goals.

Cary Chef in Finals of Battle of Champions

After a competition that came down to tenths of a point, Cary chef Ryan Summers and his team won their first match of the Battle of Champions and are now one more match away from being the state champions.

Dame’s Chicken and Waffles Opens Cary Location

Lately, many nationwide chains have come to Cary to capitalize on the vibrant community that’s here. But North Carolina originals are also setting their sights on Cary, with Dame’s Chicken and Waffles opening a new store in town.

Triangle’s Only Egyptian Café Now Open In Cary

Across Cary, there are many different Mediterranean restaurants reflecting a variety of countries and cultures. So to stand out, Cary’s new Nile Café and Bakery is working to be different and offer Egyptian food customers cannot find around town.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop Opening in Morrisville

The local area will be getting a taste of Chicago as Potbelly Sandwich Shop plans several openings in the Triangle area, including a Morrisville location in early 2017.

North Carolina’s First Giardino Opening in Cary

Giardino’s Gourmet Salads is a well-known brand across South Florida but now North Carolina will get its first taste as their new location opens in Cary at the end of October.

Cary Chef Preparing for Battle of Champions

In November, chefs from around the state will be competing to see who is the best. One of those competitors is Cary’s own Ryan Summers, fresh off of his victory in the Raleigh Dining Competition.

Recipe: All Day Breakfast Burger

In the last vestiges of Summer, many of us use the last of the warm weather to cook outside or even brave some Fall grilling. So the cooks at Cary’s BurgerFi sent a unique burger recipe you can try out to mix things up before it gets too cold outside.

McNuggets Get a Make-Over

Last week I was among a select group invited to a tasting at, of all places, McDonald’s.

Cary Getting First Gonza Tacos y Tequila in Waverly

Since 2011, one of the most talked about Latin restaurants in the Triangle has been Gonza Tacos y Tequila. And now, Cary residents will not have to travel outside of town to eat there as the restaurant announced a location in Waverly Place for 2017.

First 18 Restaurant Group Opening in Cary-Morrisville Area

For the past 10 years, diners in the Triangle have known the restaurants of the 18 Restaurant Group. Now, the local area gets a taste as chef and owner Jason Smith opens his Cantina 18 in Park West Village.

Specialty Stores: Awazé Ethiopian and Eritrean

Cary is full of great restaurants and many of us likely have our favorites we go to over and over again. But if you are looking from a break in repetition and you aren’t familiar with Ethiopian or Eritrean food, then Awazé is an excellent dining destination.

Second Location for Famous Toastery Coming at West Cary

Famous Toastery has been enjoying its location at Colonnades Way in Cary for a while now. And evidently, residents have been enjoying it too because the breakfast restaurant is opening a second location in West Cary.

Chanticleer: Cary’s Best Coffeehouse?

By accident, we tried Chanticleer, the café and bakery at the corner of Cary Parkway and Tryon Road. It might be the best coffeehouse in Cary.

Summer Recipes: Strawberry and Camembert Cheese Salad

Getting together with friends and family over good food is always fun and the Summer is a perfect time to try new things. CaryCitizen is reaching out to local restaurants and chefs to get their Summertime recipes, so before you plan your next get-together or just a fun night at home, check out our recipes!

Summer Recipes: Citrus Chili Tequila NC Shrimp

Cary, NC – While science has yet to find a cure for the Summertime Blues, there are several preventative methods you can take during the Summer to have fun. One of those is cooking and eating food with friends and family. CaryCitizen is reaching out to local restaurants and chefs to get their Summertime recipes, […]

Another Broken Egg Café Adds West Cary Location

Cary, NC – With surrounding locations already in Raleigh and Morrisville, Another Broken Egg Café is now opening its fast-growing breakfast restaurant in West Cary.

Maximillian’s Under New Ownership

Cary, NC – Maximillian’s has been a staple of the Cary Food Scene for over twenty years, and when they recently closed for renovations many Cary residents were worried what would happen to their favorite restaurant.

Chuy’s Opens In Cary

Cary, NC – Chuy’s has opened in Cary’s Parkside Town Commons, bringing their Texas brand of fresh Mexican fare.

Nazara Indian Bistro

Cary, NC — We had lunch recently at Nazara Indian Bistro. Great room, delicious food, you must go.

Paisan’s Italian Ristorante in Cary

Cary, NC // “Paisan” – most people think it means “friend”. But it means much more than that.


Restaurants: Newk’s Eatery Opens in Cary

Newk’s is a fast-casual chain restaurant based in Jackson, Mississippi that specializes in Southern-inspired, made-from-scratch soups, sandwiches, salads and pizzas for lunch and dinner. The new Cary Newk’s is located beside the Goodberry’s on Kildaire Farm Road and takes the place of the restaurant that was there before it – the Hibernian Irish Pub.

Restaurants: A Tour of Neomonde

I learned a lot about Neomonde when I took a tour of the Morrisville deli, market and 20,000 square foot factory and bakery with Chris Saleh, whose father started the business in Raleigh almost 40 years ago.

Restaurants: Big Mike’s Brew n’ Que

Brew n’ Que is definitely a “hidden gem.” Located in a small strip mall near the corner of High House Road and Maynard, the restaurant is a place for homemade barbecue and sides made by an owner who really cares about quality.

Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar Opens in Cary

I visited Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar, a brand new Cary restaurant, to meet the owner and check out the menu. I ended up getting a crash-course in oysters and got to try crab balls, one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.

Updated: Downtown Dining Map

We’ve updated the Downtown Dining Map, adding a few new places and deleting a couple that have closed.


Belle Restaurant Closes Downtown

The news began popping up on social media around lunchtime. Belle Restaurant on Academy Street in downtown Cary had closed. A yellow legal notice was taped to the window near the front door.

Guide to Sushi in Cary

You won’t be surprised to hear that Cary’s sushi scene has grown recently – we counted 20 different restaurants that serve sushi!

Restaurant Week

Triangle Restaurant Week in Cary

Triangle Restaurant Week is back January 25-31, 2016, and nine Cary restaurants are participating with fixed menus and special prices.

Restaurants: The Mayton Inn Sneak Preview

The Mayton Inn will open on Academy Street in Downtown Cary in late January. I met with Mayton Inn co-owner Deanna Crossman and the hotel’s chef, Jeff Gompers, to get a sneak peek at what we can expect from The Veranda, the inn’s new restaurant.


Guide to Donuts in Cary

I’ve found some great donut shops in Cary – whether you like the denser, more cake-like donuts, gourmet donuts (think crème brûlée) or plain old light, flaky glazed donuts, there’s something for everyone.

Restaurant: Himalayan Nepali Cuisine

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about a Salvadoran restaurant in Cary. Today, let’s turn our attention to a place that serves Himalayan Nepali cuisine.


Restaurants: Oysters at Dean’s Seafood

Last week, I had the pleasure of enjoying some North Carolina farm-raised oysters and locally brewed beer at Dean’s Seafood. The evening was part of their Oystoberfest – a month-long celebration of oysters.


Restaurants: Taipei Cafe

Taipei isn’t your average take-out Chinese restaurant. Not only is the environment nice for dining-in, the Chinese food is some of the best I’ve had.


Kababish Cafe Opens in Downtown Cary

The Kababish Cafe is a new restaurant in Downtown Cary that serves Indian. Pakistani and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, fresh fruit smoothies and authentic desserts.


Tra’Li – Local Touch of The Emerald Isle

So…about the Guinness at Tra’Li – it tasted like Ireland (been there drank that). In the US, Guinness doesn’t always. I had no idea why. I took a sip and said, “Wow.”

Food Tour

Restaurants: A Food Tour of Downtown Cary

Last weekend, on Saturday, March 28, 2015, I participated in a Triangle Food Tour of Downtown Cary. On the tour, I visited six downtown restaurants, sampled food from each and, with the help of a tour guide, learned some interesting facts about Cary’s history.


The Family Behind the Firewurst Hotdogs

Cary’s Firewurst, a spot for flame-grilled sausages, burgers, and hot dogs, looks like a big chain but, in reality, it’s two family-owned restaurants that are poised to expand throughout the Triangle with a unique franchise concept.

Duck Donuts

Duck Donuts: Now Open in Cary

A made-to-order doughnut shop now calls Cary home. At the new Duck Donuts on Wrenn Drive, customers can have their choice of toppings and watch as their doughnut is made right in front of them.

Pho - Vietnamese beef noodle soup

Restaurants: Pho 919

Who couldn’t use a hot, satisfying bowl of Pho on a cold winter day? Fortunately, we have Pho 919, a new place to get the classic Vietnamese soup right on Davis Drive in Morrisville.

Red Hot & Blue

Restaurants: Red Hot & Blue Returns to Cary

If you’ve been in Cary long enough, like me, then you might remember the old Red Hot & Blue that used to reside in Waverly Place. The restaurant closed down even before Waverly’s renovation, but word has it that a new Red Hot & Blue will open there again this month.


Uncle Maddio’s Pizza to Open in Cary

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza, the original “Create Your Own Pizza Joint” with tons of fresh options, is coming soon to Cary. The restaurant is scheduled to open in December 2014–this month.

crosstown pub - the ryans

Family Closes Mahoney’s, Opens Crosstown Pub

Next month, Sheila Ryan will close Mahoney’s and relocate the business to Downtown Cary with a new name: Crosstown Pub.


Restaurants: T.Mac Opens in Waverly Place

T Mac opens in Waverly Place, upping the craft beer wars going on across Cary and the Triangle.


Guide to Cary Coffee Shops

Cary, NC — As an occasional barista, I am quite familiar with the delight and appreciation felt for a great cup of coffee or espresso. Apart from providing just this, many Cary coffee shops also offer organic or fair trade products, homemade goods, and cozy atmospheres. Find your complete guide below.

Guide to Cary Burgers, Beer and Barbecue

I sacrificed calories to visit Cary’s best comfort food restaurants, trying several types of burgers and barbecue, the perfect summer foods.


City BBQ Opens Saturday in Cary

This is a story about barbeque. And like all Southern stories about bbq, it’a complicated.

pdq cary nc

Restaurants: PDQ Opens in Cary

PDQ, A new fast-casual restaurant, has opened in Cary. They serve tenders, salads and sandwiches with an interesting claim to fame: no freezers or microwaves.

stone creek village cary nc

Restaurant Guide: Stone Creek Village

At Stone Creek Village in Cary, you can stop by for some dessert, a snack, a quick bite, or a nice, relaxed meal. Good people watching, too.

Restaurant Guide: Waverly Place

Story by Jamie Buning, the second in a continuing series on Restaurants in Cary. Cary, NC – Our food tour has now traveled down the street to Waverly Place where I’m now convinced a person could spend all day.

18 Restaurants on Kildaire Farm Road

Even though this distance is just over a mile, there are more than four different types of restaurants from Cary Parkway to Cornwall Road including Hurricane Grill and Wings, Yuri Japanese Restaurant, Torero’s Mexican Restaurant, and Unaabi Grill.

It’s a Grind – Open in Cary

Over a year ago, I wrote a story about the closing of It’s a Grind coffeehouse in Stonecreek Village. It opened back up quickly under new ownership and has been open ever since.

Restaurant Celebrates 5 Years in Cary

Every year, Narong Sapsuwan of Thai Spices and Sushi, throws a special dinner for his best customers. This year, the celebration took on extra significance as the 5th anniversary of his restaurant in Cary.

Food: Like a Family at Enrigo

Meri began working in her parent’s restaurant in Florence at age 14, and was often responsible for cooking for her family at home. As I spoke with Meri, I could see the passion in her eyes- she loves to cook.

Opening Soon: Las Enchiladas on West Chatham

Story and lead photo by Hal Goodtree. Cary, NC – In the space on West Chatham formerly occupied by Hieronymous Seafood, a new restaurant is getting set to open. It’s La Casa de las Enchiladas, bringing the true cuisine of Mexico to downtown Cary.

Restaurants: KoMo KoMo

You know the Cary restaurant scene is coming of age with the introduction of fusion cuisine. Say hello citizens of Cary to KoMo KoMo, a new French-Korean restaurant in Maynard Crossing.

Food: Thai Spices and Sushi Celebrates 4 Years in Cary

Narong moved first, renting an apartment adjacent to the shopping center. He left his family behind in California for 2 years, while he got started. He said when he opened in 2008 the economy was very tough to open a new business. He persevered and has survived and now business is picking up.

Food: Peppers Market in Morrisville

How many sandwiches are made and eaten everyday in Cary? Thousands, surely. But you’d have to eat a lot of sandwiches to find any as good as those from Peppers in Morrisville.

Food: BurgerFi Coming to Cary

Here are two words you don’t hear together very much: “eco-friendly” and “hamburgers.” BurgerFi, a new restaurant concept, aims to change that perception when they open their doors in Cary during the Spring of 2012.

Restaurants: Former Stonewood Grill to Become Rockwell’s

Dean Ogden, owner of Rocky Top Hospitality , recently announced plans for a second Cary restaurant in the former Stonewood Grill on Darrington Drive off NW Cary Parkway.

Restaurants: Bosphorus

The Downtown restaurant scene in Cary is always changing. The new “in” place to eat lunch: Bosphorus. The food is fantastic, the service and experience are classy and comfortable and the price is right.

Food: Forbes Gives Herons 5th Star

Forbes Travel Guide only gives a 5 star rating to 25 restaurants in the entire United States. One of them is in Cary.

Food: Mellow Mushroom to Open September 26

Photo by Hal Goodtree via iPhone. Cary, NC – The Mellow Mushroom, what many believe to be the best pizza restaurant in the Triangle, is set to open in Cary on September 26.

Unaabi – Afghan Food!

I would recommend starting off the meal with the aushak boiled dumplings filled with scallions, herbs & spices and topped with minted yogurt sauce and ground beef. They remind me of spicy wantons bathed in a sweet yogurt sauce.

Restaurant: Mawa’s Taste of Africa

Chicken and steak is great. I love my tilapia, tuna and tilefish, too. But where can you go for goat? The answer is Mawa in Morrisville.

One of Our Favorites: Crema Coffee

Story and photos by Hal Goodtree Cary, NC – Crema is the thin layer of foam at the top of a cup of espresso. If you’re serious about your coffee, Crema Coffee in Cornerstone Plaza (corner of High House and Davis Dr) is just the place for you.

Food: Roundup of Sushi in Cary

Story and photos by Leslie Huffman Cary, NC – Sushi could be considered a trendy food, but I can’t seem to get enough. I find sushi to be a delectable delight both visually and to the pallet. My gal pals and I try to visit different sushi restaurants around Cary at least every two weeks […]

Food: Date Night At Maximillian’s

Cary, NC – A wonderful date begins with my finely dressed husband and reservations at one of our favorite Cary restaurants.  Maximillian’s has been open since 2001.  Chef/Owner Michael Schiffer has created an award winning menu full of unique flavors with a Cajun flair. The dining room is dimly lit with large framed colorful French […]